You can remove tags by clicking the "x" next to the tag(s) you wish to remove from the feature you added them to. For example, you may have added tags to your Jobs or Applicants. 

1.   Tags added to individual active and/or offline jobs (on the Edit Job page):

Tags added to an individual job must be removed from the particular job on the Edit Job page. You can remove them by clicking the "x" to the right of the tag you wish to remove in the Tags field.

Once the tags are removed from the place they were entered, the system will drop them from all instances in which they appear. You may have to refresh your screen and it may take a few minutes for them to disappear.

2.       Tags added to applicants:

Tags added to Applicants must be removed individually from all applicants to which they are applied by going to each applicant's profile and clicking the "x" to the left of the tag(s) you wish to remove.