Here are some common queries and answers to help you navigate the background screening services provided by DISA:

How many addresses are searched for criminal records?

DISA conducts a thorough search for criminal records by using the address history provided by the applicant, which includes their current and previous addresses. Additionally, DISA performs a social security number trace to uncover any further addresses associated with the applicant. All jurisdictions identified through this process are checked under the flat fee listed in our fee schedule.

How will additional jurisdictions impact the delivery time of the background report?

While adding more jurisdictions can affect the turnaround time, most background reports are completed and returned within 24-48 hours.

What does an education verification include?

The education verification process confirms the highest educational degree obtained by the applicant.

What If the Applicant has an International Education Verification?

When verifying international educational credentials, there may be additional fees involved. We will inform you of any potential costs beforehand, giving you the opportunity to decide whether or not to proceed with the verification.

What does an employment verification include?

Employment verification can include checks on the two most recent employers or cover the previous five years of employment history, depending on which is most relevant.

What if an applicant has an alias? Is there an additional charge?

For the standard packages listed on our fee schedule, there is no additional charge for processing aliases. DISA will handle all alias checks within the initial cost of the background check package.

What happens if there are any additional fees determined by the DISA team?

Should there be any additional fees identified by the DISA team during the background check process, we will notify you before proceeding. This ensures you have full control over your costs and can make informed decisions about whether to continue with specific checks.

Was DISA previously known by another name? 

Yes, DISA was formerly known as Crimcheck. Crimcheck was acquired by DISA in 2022 and officially completed its rebranding in 2023.  DISA is committed to bringing you the same trusted service you are accustomed to receiving and no significant changes should be noted in the ATS. 

If you have more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team.