Your account offers pre-employment background screening and verification services through our integrated partnership with DISA*.


Bad hiring decisions can be expensive and expose employers to risk. Conducting a background check as part of the pre-employment screening process means you can reduce your legal liability, provide a safe work environment for all of your employees and avoid on-the-job criminal behavior.

  • Order, manage, review, and store background screening reports for your candidates right in your account.
  • Save your staff time and money in the pre-employment screening process with DISA’s mobile-friendly, applicant-driven process.
  • Select background check packages that best fit the needs of your company and the positions you are hiring.

DISA offers the following background check packages/services through your account:

DISA packages

Complete Package - Additional Info:
  • Education verification: includes verification of the highest educational degree
  • Employment verification: includes either the two most recent employers or the previous five years of employment, whichever comes first

Rush Order fee:  $53.00 

Additional state-mandated fees for criminal searches will be included in your invoice if the search subject's jurisdiction falls in the following states:
  • $23.00: South Dakota
  • $21.00: Montana
  • $21.00: Wyoming
  • $32.00: Vermont
  • $32.00: Maine
  • New York searches require an additional $101 fee, as required by the State of New York. If you enable New York searches we'll only include this fee when an applicant has a current or past address in NY.
Additional state-mandated fees may apply for any alias names you authorize us to search as well.

Pricing excludes applicable sales tax.

Note: Only users who have permission to View Restricted Files have access to view background checks. By default, Admins and Account Owners can View Restricted Files. Some plans allow you to customize what Roles and Permissions each user type has.

*DISA formerly went by the name Crimcheck