Dashboard Filters provide an easy way to view your Online and Offline jobs, Job Tags, and, if you are a Staffing Version or Multisite customer, by Client Site.  

To filter between your Active and Offline jobs:

1. From your Dashboard, you will see a Job Listings Grid with a Filter menu on the left side of the screen, just above the job listings.

2. Click the Filter to open the filter menu. Your filter choices are Online, Offline, and Archived. When you click Online, only online jobs will be shown in the job listing. Choosing Offline shows only offline, and Archived shows only archived jobs. Collapes the filter bar by selecting the blue arrow and your selection will be displayed. Pretty easy, right?

To filter Job Tags that you have created:

1. Click the Filter to open the filter menu. You can select tags from the dropdown menu or start typing in the Tag look-up to find the one(s) you need. 

Other filtering options:

If you are a Staffing Version or Multisite customer, there will also be a Sites filter that you can use to view jobs by client site.

You can also search by Hiring Manager, Distribution, or only display Hidden Jobs. 

You can use more than one filter at a time by choosing, for example, the online or offline jobs filter while also filtering for specific job tag(s) or client sites (i.e., you can select all Online jobs only, with the job tag "Sales" for client site "Ace Sales").

To clear your filter, simply click on the "x" at the right hand side of the filters you have applied. You can remove all or some, depending on your needs. 

As always, if you have any questions or if something isn't working as expected, please reach out to the Support Team to assist.