Congratulations on selecting your ideal candidate and extending an Offer Letter. Let's walk through the steps your new hire will experience upon receiving your offer, ensuring clarity and efficiency throughout this crucial phase.

Initial Email Notification

Once you send the Offer Letter, your new hire will be promptly notified via email that will be titled, "Offer Letter with [your company name]". This email contains a pivotal link that directs them to the offer you have meticulously prepared.


Offer Letter Email

Detail-Oriented Offer Review

Upon accessing the offer, your new hire will engage in a thorough review of the terms you've outlined. Following their review, they will proceed to the digital signature section at the document's end. 

If required, they will also provide their Social Security Number and Date of Birth, which will be securely integrated into their Applicant Profile.

Completing the Digital Signatures

Should there be additional documents necessitating their signature, they'll be presented with the opportunity to complete these as well. 

It's critical to note that closing the browser before completing all required signatures will interrupt the process. The Offer Letter and any associated documents will not be filed in the applicant's profile until every signature and field you have required is accounted for.

Finalization and Document Access

Once all signatures are in place, they will be redirected to a confirmation page, where a download link for the Offer Letter and any related documents will be made available. There might be a brief delay before these links become active. Additionally, a follow-up email will provide an alternative access point to these documents, ensuring no disruption in the process.

download links show at the end of the page

Future Access to Documents

Please be aware that the download link is time-sensitive and will eventually expire. Should your new hire need access to these documents later, you can retrieve them from the Restricted Files Tab within their Applicant Profile. For security reasons, we recommend transferring these sensitive documents via a secure service.

By familiarizing yourself with the applicant's experience, you can facilitate a seamless transition from candidate to team member, reinforcing a positive start to your professional relationship.