In the modern job market, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in resume analysis has become increasingly prevalent. This technology streamlines the hiring process, helping recruiters and employers identify the most suitable candidates efficiently.

To get started, open the applicant profile and select the Resume tab. Here, you'll find the Generate AI Resume Analysis button:

After a brief moment, the tool will provide a summary of key details, such as education, skills, and work experience. For example:

Unfortunately, only one analysis can be performed per applicant. However, you can review the results anytime by selecting the View AI Resume Analysis button:

Troubleshooting the AI-Assisted Resume Screening Feature

Having trouble? Before you reach out to the Support Team, run through the following causes and how to fix them:

Your job description does not meet the requirement of at least 50 words

The AI feature requires that you have provided enough details about the job to create a useful evaluation. Edit your job description to add more detail. If you're having trouble coming up with more information, no worries! We have an AI Job Description Creator that can help you add more detail and make your job posting stand out.

Your job description exceeds the maximum of 2500 words

When creating a job description, it's important to include enough details so that the AI feature can provide a useful evaluation. However, we want to make sure that your description is easy for applicants to read and meets the required length. If you're having trouble editing all that info, don't worry! You can use the AI Job Description Creator to get some help. 

The resume does not meet the requirement of at least 50 words

If the applicant has only given a short resume that doesn't have enough information for our AI to evaluate, our AI system won't be able to perform an analysis. But, there are two ways to tackle this situation - you can either ask the applicant to reapply and submit a more detailed resume or if you prefer, you can personally analyze the resume. 

The resume exceeds the maximum 3700 words

Was your applicant too verbose?  You can invite the applicant to apply again and ask them to provide a less detailed resume or you can analyze it personally.

You have AI features hidden

AI Features are defaulted to visible for most accounts but it's possible someone on your team toggled the AI Features to Hidden. Check with your legal team to make sure they have not made a choice to suppress these features. If hiding these features was not intentional, please use the Main Menu to navigate to Account Details > Feature Management and change the setting. Please note that not all Account Detail settings are accessible for certain users. What you see on that page will depend on your account Roles & Permissions settings and your User Level.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the Support Team.