Writing job descriptions from scratch can be tough. It's easy to spend a good chunk of your time sifting through similar job postings to help draft a job description that gets job-seekers to apply. Luckily, AI can now do that part for you, and we've integrated it with our Applicant Tracking System! A brief overview video of the feature is available here: AI-Enabled Job Descriptions

When creating your new job, you no longer have to stare into that dreaded blank space that is the job description field (unless staring into the void is your thing, to each their own). Now, after you enter your job title, you can simply scroll to just below the job description field to find a short description of our AI Job Description Generator and click the "Try It Out!" button.

A window with a circular loading icon will pop up for a few moments indicating that your job description is now being generated. During this brief time, our AI is scouring the internet for job descriptions that match your job title in order to compile a new dynamic and unique job description for your job. 

Once finished, you'll see the AI-generated job description populate and have the opportunity to review it before applying it to your job. Don't worry! You can always proofread and make edits after applying the description if some of the details do not match your specific job duties and/or requirements. There is also the option to try again with the same or a different job title. Job descriptions generated by AI will be unique each time you try it. 

Once you hit the "Apply Job Description" button, the job description will populate in the job description field as though you wrote it! We HIGHLY recommend proofreading job descriptions generated by AI as it is likely that some of the details will not match your specific job or may read a little strangely (AI is still learning, after all).

We hope that this new feature removes some of the heavy lifting we know you do when writing job descriptions!