Running into issues connecting your Indeed account with the ATS? Below are some common errors that you may be experiencing and tips on how to work through each one. If you still need assistance after reading through the suggestions below, please reach out to the Support Team for additional guidance. 

I see Indeed in my list of available job boards however, I cannot add it to my shopping cart.


Suggested solution: Click the link in the cart and follow the prompts to connect or create your Indeed Employer Account. If the Indeed Primary Account Owner has not connected their Employer Account to the ATS, individual users on the ATS account will not be allowed to connect their account. The primary connection must be established first, then any Admin who would like to post a Sponsored ad to Indeed can connect their account as well. 

I've already connected my account once. Why am I being prompted to connect it again? 

Suggested solution: If the user has not been active with posting jobs to Indeed in the last 60 days, the connection will be disabled. The user will need to reconnect their account to proceed with posting a job to Indeed. 

I attempted to connect my account but received the error "Access not granted".

Suggested solutions: 

  • When connecting the account, if the user unchecks any of the permission boxes, this will cause a failure in the connection. 
  • If the user does not have "Admin" access on the Indeed Employer Account, the user will not be allowed to post Sponsored jobs via the ATS. Indeed requires users to have Admin (full access) in the Indeed account to utilize sponsored postings via the ATS. Read more about Indeed's access levels here

I've attempted to connect my account but received a notification that stated "Account is not associated with any employer accounts".

Suggested solution: This indicates that your email address has not been added to your Indeed Employer Account. Please reach out to your Indeed account admin for assistance in being added to that account. 


I've already connected my Indeed employer account to one site on my account. Why can't I use it on another site? 

Suggested solution: When using our multisite/staffing feature, each site is considered its own individual entity in regards to Indeed. Therefore, the account connection must be established individually for each site. We cannot copy or duplicate the settings to each site. Instead, you must follow the connection steps for each site if you are posting sponsored jobs on Indeed for multiple sites. 

I've entered my email address but am now getting an error that states refused to connect.

Suggested solution: For accounts that use an iframe, you may experience this error when attempting to connect your account. A workaround is to open your ATS account in a new tab on your browser. Right-click on the "Dashboard" tab in your ATS and select "Open in a new tab". This should open your ATS account in a new tab on your browser. If you experience issues using this route, alternatively you can open a new tab, enter the URL to your careers page and then add /admin to the end of the URL. This will also open your ATS account. 

The Indeed modal is blank when selecting the employer account. I'm the primary Indeed account owner or Admin on the account. 

Suggested Solution: Click the empty box and hit continue. As long as you grant the permissions, you should be connected successfully.

My Indeed permission box looks different. I only have one or two boxes to check when attempting to connect my account.

Suggested solution:  As long as you keep the requested permissions box(es) checked and select ‘allow’, you should be connected correctly.

I attempted to connect my account but got an error message. When I tried again, it was successful but the error message still shows. 

Suggested solution: Refresh your page and the error message should be gone if successfully connected.

I placed an order for an Indeed sponsorship but received a message that the posting failed. 

Suggested solutions: 

  • If you are new to the ATS and have not Contacted Indeed as part of the Indeed - Getting Started & Best Practices already, Indeed may reject your job advertisement as coming from an Invalid source. Please make sure you reach out to them before you place your first job, so they know that the ATS is a valid source for your job listings and will accept any Organic or Sponsored job advertisement.

  • If you are not new to the ATS, a failed placement can also occur when there is an error with the connection between your Indeed account and the ATS. This can usually be resolved by disconnecting your Indeed account from the ATS and then reconnecting. 

  • Another potential cause for an error like this is that you may have removed ATS access on Indeed's end after connecting the accounts but there could be other potential causes as well. Please check your Indeed account to ensure you have proper permissions then disconnect and reconnect your Indeed account to your ATS account 

Once these actions have been taken, you'll need to reprocess the order. If these actions fail to resolve the error, please reach out to Indeed customer service. Information on contacting Indeed can be found here.