"I want it and I want it now!" If you've ever had a Veruca Salt moment then Partner Marketplace is just what you are looking for. This new self-service tool allows you to quickly connect your ATS account with integration partners in just a few easy steps. No need to wait for our engineering team to connect those for you. 

But what if you are unsure what integration would work best for you? No need to stress, we've got you covered here too! Partner Marketplace is compiled of several different options with details regarding each integration so you can decide if it's the right fit for your hiring needs.

Where can I find the Partner Marketplace? 

You can locate Partner Marketplace by navigating to the Menu Icon < Account Details < under Integrate, and then selecting the icon for Partner Marketplace.

Exploring integration options: 

To view the integrations available to you, under the header for the category you are interested in, select the dropdown arrow to view the different offerings. In the screenshot below, we are looking at assessment providers.



Once you select the provider from the list, the next screen will provide details about the partner, a link to sign up for an account with them, and fields for you to provide the account credentials to complete the integration.


Once you provide the account credentials, you're all set! Start using the integration immediately in your ATS account. 

What if you need to remove an integration? 

If you need to remove an integration that was previously connected, you can quickly disconnect that integration from the Partner Marketplace as well. Navigate to the Menu Icon < Account Details < under Integrate, select Partner Marketplace. Locate the integration you wish to disconnect under the Connected Providers section. Simply click on the trashcan icon to remove. 

What's up next for Partner Marketplace? 

Our goal is for Partner Marketplace to become the one-stop shop for integrations with the ATS. Soon you will see integration options for background check providers and eventually custom job board integrations. Know of a vendor that may be interested in integrating? Be sure to let them know about our Partner Marketplace! We would love to chat with them to get them involved in our Developer Program. 

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