You just received the notification that you are being moved to the Flex billing model and now you are left wondering, "Ok, so what do I do about it?" Step 1 - Don't stress. Step 2 - Soak up the benefits! 

First, you will need to be aware of the timeline allotted to select your new plan. If you fail to select a plan before the deadline, our team will move you to the plan that most closely matches your needs based on the number of active positions in your account. 

You can easily access your plan options by navigating to My Account < Account Details < Plan Options. The list of plan options will be displayed. Select the plan that best fits the needs of your company and click on the Submit button. Then follow the prompts to complete the plan change. 

What happens when you make a change to your plan mid-billing cycle? 

NOTE: Pricing in the example below may not be exact.

Glad you asked! Should you choose a plan that is equivalent or higher than your current plan, we will automatically calculate a credit for any remaining prepaid balance and apply it to the new plan. Below are a few examples of the impact when changing plans. Please be aware that our system calculates changes down to the minute that a change is made so the examples may be slightly different depending on timing of changes.

  • Let's say that you are currently on the Standard Monthly plan at $99/month and you choose to move to the Flex 5 Job plan at $105/month. Your old subscription fee is charged on the 14th of the month but on the 1st of the month, you choose to move to the new plan. When you make the change on the 1st, we will apply a credit based on the $99 that you paid on the 14th of the previous month. 
    • A credit is calculated for 14 unused days:  $99 / 30 days x 14 days = ($46) 
    • The first month’s fee for the new plan will equal $59:  $105 less $46 credit 
  • Next scenario: Currently on the Evolve Annual plan ($1,920/year) and move to Flex 3 Job plan ($73/month).  The annual plan has a renewal date on September 1st and you migrate to the Flex 3 Job plan on May 1st. 
    • A credit will be calculated based on the unused portion of your annual plan:  $1920 / 12 months x 4 months = ($640)
    • The credit balance will be used to pay each new monthly subscription fee until the credit has been depleted.

How is the Flex billing model beneficial to you?

  1. It was named "Flex" on purpose! The variety of Flex plan options ensures there's a plan to fit the needs of companies of every size. If you are hiring for 3 candidates or for 200 candidates, there's a plan for you available from that same billing model.

  2. You now have access to our full robust offerings of features to better serve your recruiting needs. Your previous plans came with limitations to features, depending on which plan you were on. With Flex, as long as you have selected one of the many Flex plan options, you have access to all features. For example, if you were previously on the Standard plan and move to a Flex plan, you now have access to these additional features.  
    • Message Templates
    • Offer Letters
    • Data Imports
    • Onboarding Documents
    • Workflow Integrations
    • Customizable Roles & Permissions 

How do I change your plan?

You can navigate to Main Menu > Account Details > Account Plan & Billing > Plan Options. There you will be able to alter your plan selection.