Is your job over thirty days old but you don’t have the candidates you need? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could somehow refresh said job? Actually, you can! Follow the simple steps below to refresh your job(s) on the free job boards.

1) On your dashboard, start by selecting the three dots located in the upper right hand corner of the job card. Then select “Post to Job Boards”. 

2) You should now be on the Advertise Your Job screen. In the Reports section, under the Currently Active header, locate the option for the Free Boards. If your job is at least 30 days old, you should see the refresh icon. 

3) Once you select the Refresh icon, you should receive a pop-up suggestion box recommending that you update the Job Title and Description. These suggestions are based on the standards that some free job boards have towards reposting jobs. You can make the necessary changes directly from that screen. 

Hit refresh and your job will be posted like new!  

Please note, this is only available if your job has been shared to the free job boards for 30 days or longer. You will not see the refresh icon if the job doesn’t meet those criteria. 

*Not all job boards allow job advertisement refreshing. It is at the discretion of the job board if they will update the posting date of the active advertisement.