Do you have our Site Management feature? Have you ever wanted to store different credit cards for each site? Well, we have a solution for you! We have a site billing feature for your account where you can assign different cards to each of your sites. 

This feature allows you to save and store payment methods for each site if you would like to separate account charges at a site level. This could be relevant to you if your parent/default site is a corporate company and their sites are different locations. 

With this feature, accounts with multiple sites can access the site billing option under the Main Menu >  Account Details > Account Plan & Billing > Billing Information. You can also view billing statements at the site level under Account Plan & Billing < Billing Statements. 

Once you are on the Billing Information page, Admin level users and above can add and view all the cards that are saved to their account. When you click the Add a Card button a pop-up screen will appear to enter your card details.

The Payment Method box shows all the credit cards that have been added and stored in your account. 

Clicking the dropdown arrow next to the credit card information will show more details about the saved card. 

The Site Billing box lets you select which saved credit card is assigned to each site if you have a staffing account. 

There is also an option on the Billing History page that shows statements for each site if a credit card is assigned to the site.

If you attempt to delete a saved card to a site, that site and any site with that card will be updated to the default card. The default card can not be deleted, however, it can be replaced by a new credit card.

If you need to remove all cards on file, please contact our support team.