We’ve made managing applicants even easier with our new Hired Auto-Archive feature for duplicate applicant profiles! When the toggle is enabled and after an applicant has been marked as hired, all other applicants in that account with the same email address as the hired applicant will be automatically archived as of the hire date. 

To enable the Archive Duplicate Applicants Button:


1. Go to Your Main Menu Drop-down button/Account Details

2. Scroll down to the Customize & Design section and click the Workflow button


3. Scroll down to the Applicant Hired section and click the toggle switch to the right of the Archive Duplicate Applicants Button to ON

To Disable the Lock Hired Button simply click the toggle switch to turn it OFF.

When an applicant with multiple profiles (containing the same email) has been hired, a note will be added to the duplicate profile(s) indicating that the applicant was archived because they were hired elsewhere within the account. Don't worry - you can still choose to unarchive an applicant that has already been auto-archived.


Happy hiring!