Good news! You can quickly add applicant notes, track applicant activity, and change permissions within your account. When logged in to your account, select view all applicants on the main dashboard (or enter the name of the applicant you would like to view in the search bar at the top right corner of the dashboard). Click on the applicant's name or the View Applicant button to open the applicant viewer.

Once you are in the applicant viewer, applicant notes and activity can be found in the left navigation bar.

Click on the notes section on the left-hand side of the screen and it will open notes. This is where you may manually enter notes about the applicant.

Type the desired information for the applicant, then click on “Save Note.”

You may also choose to select the “Protect Note” box. This allows the note to only be visible to users with permissions set to view protected notes. 

Next, you can click on the “Activity” tab to view recent activity for this applicant.

The Activity tab will reflect all actions made on the applicant profile including, Status and Rating Updates, Requests for Background and Reference Checks, and Mark as Hired actions.

You may also change user permissions to control who can edit and delete notes. Navigate to the account details page using the Menu button dropdown.

Select Roles and Permissions to edit the default roles or see what permissions are available. 

The default is set to allow Admin and Manager roles to edit and delete notes, but not Reviewer or Read-Only roles.


To change an individual’s role or permission, navigate back to the account details screen and select manage users.

Edit the user by selecting the pencil icon under edit.

A drop-down menu will appear with all available user roles. Assign the desired role to allow or restrict editing/deleting notes in the applicant profile.

To save the changes, click on Submit user before exiting this page.