Open Position Counter: Hiring & Tracking Multiple Applicants for the Same Job

Looking to hire multiple applicants for a single position? We’ve got you covered with the Open Position Counter. This feature will help you track the amount of applicants you’re looking to fill for each position. When you turn this feature on, it’s available for all of your jobs globally. You do have the ability at the job level to then select the amount of positions open on a job by job basis. 

To enable the open position counter: 

Navigate to the Main Menu in the top right-hand corner of your account and select Account Details.

Under Account Details, scroll down to Customize & Design and select Feature Management.

Under Feature Management, in the General section, you will need to Toggle Open Position Counter ON.

Once enabled, navigate back to your Dashboard and check the Job Listing section; a new column will be added named Open Positions. The number for each job will default to 1. This number represents the number of applicants you’re looking to hire for each position. 

Adjusting The Open Position Counter

If you’re looking to hire more than a single applicant to a position, you will need to adjust the Open Position Counter on a job-by-job basis to reflect the number of applicants you wish to hire. Follow these steps to adjust the number for each position.

  1. On the Job Listings Grid, select the three dots on the far right of the card and then select Edit Job:
  2. Under the Edit Job Page, scroll down to Show Advanced Options and open up the menu.
  3. Under Advanced Options, scroll down to the Open Positions box and add in the number of positions you wish to fill for that position; once the total in the box represents the number of applicants you’re looking to hire for the position, scroll down and select Publish And Continue.
  4. Navigate back to the Dashboard and check the Open Positions Column to confirm the number has been updated.

Hiring Applicants, What Happens Next?

When you hire an applicant, the Job Counter column will update and reduce the number by 1. You can keep track of how many applicants you’ve hired for the position by opening up the Applicant Grid for the position and checking the statistics at the top of the Job. The Hire Applicant total will update if you hire an applicant as well. If for any reason you need to remove a hired applicant, you can unmark the applicant as hired and the Job Counter will update to reflect this as well.

Automation: Take your position offline when your job counter reaches 0.

We have a feature that will automatically take your job offline once the Job Counter reaches 0. To Enable this feature, do the following:

  1.  Navigate the Main Menu in the top right-hand corner of your account and select Account Details
  2. Under Account Details, scroll down to Customize & Design and select Workflow

  3. Under the Workflow section, scroll down to Applicant Hired Automations. From there you can change the Set Job Status drop-down to Set Job Offline or Archive Job; if either of these is selected, once the Job Counter reaches 0 the job will be taken offline and moved to either your offline jobs or your archived jobs.