Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Create custom form builder questions
  • Create form builder templates
  • Add the custom form builder questions or templates for online jobs


  • Your user role must have permission to Manage Account Details OR to Create New Jobs.


Defining Your Custom Form Builder

The Custom Form Builder and Form Builder templates will allow you to add custom questions to any jobs that you publish on your careers page.

Once you are ready to add the custom questions to your job applications, you will be able to select the format of each question, whether or not each question is required, and whether or not you would like to make each question a “knockout” question; which would immediately archive applicants that give non-preferred answers to required questions.

Let’s define your Custom Form Builder:

  • From your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Home Page, go to Create New Job near the top right side of your Job Listings Grid. 
  • Give your job a title and description that you will recognize as Applicant Screening Questions.
  • Scroll down to the section marked Form Builder and click Start Customizing Form.

Let’s define your Customization Form:

  • From your job creation screen, scroll down to the Form Builder.
  • Click on the Start Customizing Form icon.
  • Once you have arrived at the screen below, you will be able to add your preferred amount of questions to each job.

Creating Your Form Builder Questions

You have several questions that you want applicants to answer in order to determine their qualifications for each job. This may be a set of questions that every applicant should answer, it could be a set of questions that applicants for specific jobs need to answer, or it may be both. You will even be able to add a format asking for each applicant’s employment and education history. You will also be able to save sets of questions as offline jobs and copy the questions into online jobs without manually entering them every time you create a new job.

Let’s create some Form Builder Questions: 

  • From the Start Customizing Form screen, click the Add Question button (it has the ‘plus sign’ next to it).
  • Next, you will be provided with a set of formats to choose from. Select the format that best corresponds with the question you would like to add. There are 9 formats to choose from: Text, Essay, Multiple Choice, Select One, Yes/No, Date, Employment History, Education History, and Sub-Header.
  • After you have selected your desired format, enter the question you would like to ask the applicant.
  • Once you have created the question, you will be able to check or un-check a box that makes the question required for all applicants.
  • If you select the Multiple Choice, Select One, or Yes/No question format, you will be provided an additional set of options that can make the question you have just created a knockout question. If you use these options, candidates can be archived based on their answers to the questions.
  • After you created your first question, you can click the Add Question button if you would like to add another question. If not, just click the Finished button to move to the next step.
  • After adding your desired questions and clicking Finished, you have created your Custom Form. The final step is to scroll down and click the Save as Draft button. This will save the job as an offline job, not to be published on your careers page.

Adding Your Form Builder Questions to Online Jobs

This exercise is one in futility if you are not able to add the Form Builder questions to the job applications that you are publishing on your careers page. You have successfully created an offline job with those questions in it, and now you need to copy the questions from that job into the jobs that are going to be gaining applicants on your careers page.

Let’s add the questions to a job that you are publishing on your careers page:

  • On your ATS Home Page, click the Create New Job button.
  • Enter the desired title and description of your new job.
  • Scroll down to the Form Builder section of the job creation screen and click Start Customizing Form.
  • Now, this is the important step. Instead of clicking the Add Question button, go to the top right corner of the template. You should see a drop-down button with the statement “Copy Questions from” preceding it. Simply click that drop-down arrow and select the job you created with the screening questions in it.
  • After you select the desired job you’re copying the questions from, that group of questions will populate. Success! (Note: You can copy the questions from multiple jobs if you like. Just go back to the drop-down and select the next job.)
  • The last step in the process is to click the Publish Job and Continue button. It’s live!

Let’s create a Form Builder Template:

  • On your ATS Home Page, scroll up to the Main Menu button, next to the Home Button, and select Account Details.
  • Scroll down to the Templates section and select Application Forms.
  • From there, click the Add a Template button.
  • Give your template a name!
  • Add the desired questions to the template. You have the option to add them manually or copy the questions from jobs in your ATS.
  • After you have created the template, you are able to add the template to a job while in the job creation screen.



  • Create a job with Form Builder questions in it.
  • Copy the questions from one job to another job in the Custom Form Builder screen.
  • Create a Form Builder Template using questions from a job with Form Builder questions in it.