• Your User Role must have Permissions to Post to Job Boards 


Posting your jobs to job boards

  • You have the option to post your open job postings to our network of paid boards or even request a job board that isn’t listed on the Post to Job Boards page.

  • If you find that you want to increase the number of applicants you are getting, or if you want to put your recruiting process into hyperdrive and get applicants faster, posting your job to paid online job boards is a quick and easy solution. 

Posting your job to job boards in 3 easy steps:

1. Click on the three dots located to the far right of the job title of the position that you want to advertise and select Post to Job Boards from the list. You can also reach this page when you create a job, by selecting Publish and Continue.


2. Click the Add button to the job board(s) you want to advertise your job on and complete any additional steps for the job board(s) you selected in your shopping cart. 



Each job board has its own unique requirement. When you select the job board you wish to post to, an additional drop-down menu may appear. All fields must be filled in completely in order to successfully post to the selected job board, for example, Craigslist postings require you to add the city board you want to post to, the category, type (FT, PT, Seasonal), Compensation, and Zip Code. 

3. Once you've gone through and provided all required fields for each job board that you've added to your shopping cart and hit the Next button, you'll see the final summary page with the total amount that will be charged to the credit card on the account. Verify the number of job boards and the $ amount is correct and select "Purchase Postings" to complete the transaction. 

Important note: Some Job boards also allow you to make a post recurring. If the toggle is ON, the posting will post to the job board again on the frequency selected. The posting charge applies each time it is re-posted. It will continue to post at the same frequency until you cancel the recurring feature. This is a great feature for positions that remain open consistently or positions that are hiring multiple positions



To cancel a recurring post, return to your post to the job boards page, and expand the Reports section located on that page. From there, you will see where you can cancel any ad that is set to recur. This must be completed prior to the date it is scheduled to re-post. Once posted to the job board, it is non-refundable.


Here is a handy Job Posting Checklist so you can be sure to include all the important details in your next job posting.

When creating a job description, follow this checklist to ensure you’re attracting great talent:

  • Company Description: A job posting should include a description of your company. Candidates want to know if this is a place they’re interested in working.

  • Benefits: Include a brief summary of benefits like vacation, retirement and insurance packages. And if you offer any other perks, mention them here.

  • Job Title: Make sure the job title is descriptive and is clear to someone outside your organization. Avoid using language that only has meaning within your organization.

  • Responsibilities: Include a general overview of what the person will do day to day. This is your opportunity to “sell” the job to applicants.

  • Skills: List skills that are absolutely required for the job, then add “nice to have” skills separately.

  • Experience and Training: Any necessary education, training or certifications should be listed.

  • Pay Range: Research shows that two-thirds of candidates will not apply to postings that do not provide some basic salary information.

  • Formatting: Format the job description using bold text and bullets to draw attention. Make sure your posting is brief and to the point.

  • Review: Have someone else in your organization review and provide feedback. Also, make sure you’ve eliminated jargon that will not be easy for job seekers to understand.