You can assign Custom Job Roles labels when adding users to jobs you create or edit. These labels define different roles users can be assigned. Users must be assigned to the job to have a custom job role for that job. These roles will then show up in various reports.

To add Custom Job Roles:

1. From your applicant tracking system (ATS) dashboard, go to the Menu Icon on the upper right of your screen and select Account Details from the Main Menu.


On the Account Details page select Workflow

2.    Scroll down to the Custom Job Roles section to add your desired labels into the box, separated by commas or by hitting the enter key. 

To assign your users to the Custom Job Roles you have created:

1.    Create or edit a job and scroll down to the Access & Notifications sections at the bottom of the page. There you will see the list of Custom Job Roles you created.

2.    Add users to each role as desired by clicking on the box to the right of the specific Custom Job Role and selecting the name(s) as desired from the drop-down list. Note that only users assigned to that job will appear in the drop-down list. 

The assigned Custom Job Roles will show up for each job when you download the All Job Data. You can find the button to download the All Job Data Report by going to Reports > Downloads.