1) Find the applicant with whom you would like to communicate. For more info on how to search for applicants, click here.

2) Click on the Mail icon button next to the applicant. This will open up the Messages Inbox. (Alternatively, you may select the View Applicant button, navigate to the Messages drop-down, and select Send Message to Applicant.)

3) Click on the Compose button to create a new email message.

4) Compose your message to the applicant. You can:

  • Select an Email Template 
  • Receive replies from the applicant to your email inbox by checking the "Notify" box
  • Archive the applicant upon sending the message by checking the "Archive" box
  • Add files by dragging & dropping to the file section or clicking into the file section to open up a file selection window

5) Click on the Send Message button at the bottom of the form to send the email message to your applicant. 

What happens next:

  • Your message will be emailed to your applicant and stored in the left column of your Messages for that applicant.
  • Any files you have attached, or that the applicant has sent to you in response, will be stored in the Files tab of the applicant's profile.
  • Any replies from the applicant will show up as notifications on your dashboard. (The notification gives you the option to mark it as "read" so it disappears from your dashboard.)