You can translate an application form to match a job description you have created in a different language. 

1. From your Dashboard, click Create a New Job to create a job description in a specific language.

2. Once on the Edit Job page, type your job description in the desired language and scroll down to Show Advanced Options.

3. Click Show Advanced Options and scroll down to Application Form Language to select the desired language. The following languages are available:

Your job description will remain in whatever language you created it in and the application form will match the specific language you selected.

Once you select the language you would like the application to be created in, you will then have the option to choose if you would like the job to filter into a "Parent Job" This feature allows you to collect all applicants in one place, despite the language they applied in. For instance, if you have a job posting for a Convenience Assistant and you provide application forms in both languages, an applicant who applies the job posting in Spanish their application will be directed to the Convenience Assistant job posting that houses the English application "Parent Job". This way, all applicants will be directed to one location, eliminating the need to review applicants who may have applied for the same job in different languages.