Onboarding Documents allow a user to send multiple, digitally signable onboarding documents to an applicant along with an Offer Letter. This feature is available only to users with permission to send Offer Letters to applicants.

Send an Offer Letter with Onboarding Documents

To send Onboarding Documents with your Offer Letter to an applicant:

1. Find the applicant you wish to send an Offer Letter and Onboarding Documents to and click on View Applicant.

2. On the top navigation menu, click the Send Offer button.

3. Click the Get Started: Applicant and Offer button.

4. Enter and verify the applicant and offer details. Then click Next: Add Onboarding Documents.

5. Send onboarding documents along with your offer letter. You can pick a template, uploaded from the steps below or upload your own document to attach.

6. Once you are satisfied with your onboarding document choices, click Next: Create Offer Letter.

7. Make any necessary edits to your offer letter and send as usual (click here for information on creating offer letters).

Additionally, users can create custom document templates for easy use across multiple multiple offer letters.

Create Onboarding Documents

To upload your own custom onboarding documents and store them as templates:

1. Go to My Account > Account Details > under templates, select Documents.

2. To add a new Document template, select Upload a Document. Once the upload screen populates, add a name for your document, click Choose File, and select the file to upload from your device. Then select Upload.

3. Select your desired fields: Signature, Initials, Checkbox, Textbox and/or Sign Date. Drag to place them anywhere you wish in the new document. Follow the prompts on each field to designate who will sign or fill out a particular field or what variable should appear in the field.

4. Click Continue. You will now see your new custom document listed on the Documents Templates screen.

What Happens Next

The applicant will get an email with a link that opens up the Offer Letter in a new tab. (Yes, this can be done on a mobile device!) Once your new hire electronically accepts the Offer Letter they will be directed to read, electronically initial or sign, then submit their onboarding documents in the manner in which you set up required actions on those docs.

That's all there is to it!