SMS Messaging allows you to send messages, notifications and updates to applicants to their mobile phone via SMS messaging (or texting, if you're all modern and fancy), should the applicant opt to receive messages by SMS instead of emails. 

Please note: SMS messages have a 700 character limit. Notification emails will not be sent for SMS replies. These notifications will show in the Messages box on the main dashboard.

Enabling SMS Messaging on your account is quick and easy. On the Account Details page, scroll down to Customize & Design and select the Feature Management tool.

From there, you have the option to Enable SMS Messaging. You can do this by switching the toggle next to the option.

Once you click the toggle you're all set! When composing messages to applicants you'll have the option to send the message via SMS instead of email if the applicant opted in for SMS communication.

Automatically tag SMS applicants 

You can automatically tag applicants who choose SMS by enabling the Tag SMS applicants switch (this switch will become visible once Enable SMS messaging is turned to ON). You can enable the Tag SMS applicants switch by going to Your Account/Account Details and clicking the Workflow button in the Customize & Design section on the Account Details page. Simply click the toggle to turn it to ON (or OFF to disable) and make sure to Save Changes.

You can also change the contact preference on an existing applicant to SMS so that you can send SMS messages to that applicant.  

Navigate to the applicant profile and click on the pencil logo to edit the applicant details. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the applicant information tab on the applicant profile and you will see the option to select SMS as the default contact method. Be sure to save your changes.

Now, when you navigate to Messages on the applicant profile, you will have the option to send SMS messages. 

NOTE: You will NOT receive an email notification for SMS communications, however, notifications WILL be sent to your ATS Dashboard.