You can now assign Categories to your jobs. This feature is going to make it a lot easier for applicants to sift through and find the jobs that are right up their alley – based on what they're good at and what they love to do.

Here's how you can get started with Categories:

1. Add a list of predefined categories: 

  • Head over to the top right corner of your Dashboard and click the Menu. Then, pick "Account Details" from the drop-down. (Quick note: you'll need the right access level to see the Account Details page.)
  • Once you're on the Account Details page, look for the Customize & Design section and click the Careers Page button.
  • Scroll down to Job Categories and start typing in the categories you want to add. Hit Enter or Return after each one. Add as many as you need.

  1. 2. Assign categories to a job:
    • Jump back to your Dashboard.
    • Find the job you want to categorize, click the drop-down menu next to its title, and select "Edit Job."
    • On the Edit Job page, you'll now see a "Category" box. Click the drop-down arrow there and pick one of the categories you've set up.

    • Scroll down, click "Publish and Continue," and you're all set. Your job is now categorized! Go ahead and do this for any job you want to assign a category to.

    Now, candidates can filter the job listings by these Categories, making their job hunt more straightforward and your search for the perfect candidate more efficient.

    Happy categorizing!