You can customize the font color of text in your job posting description in just a few steps.

1. On the job posting you want to edit, click on the dropdown menu and select Edit Job.

2. Next, copy the following formatting code and paste it into your job description text on the HTML tab:

 <span style="color: #098227; ">Insert the text that you want to customize the font color on here by highlighting and replacing the text</span>

3. Replace the above red text with your own text (the red color is just to make it easy for you to know which text to swap out).

4. Go to a color selection site and choose a color; then replace the color number in green text above with the color number you've selected.

5. If you have different heading sizes selected for the text that you would like colored, you will either needs to place those inside the header tags: 

`<h4><span style="...">text here</span></h4>` 

 OR, move that style attribute directly on the header: 

`<h4 style="...">Text here</h4>`

6. Save your changes.

Then click on the job posting link (or refresh the page if you already have it open) to see your awesome new font color.