To copy an offer letter template and save it as a new template, click on the Menu Icon < Account Details < under Templates, and select Offer Letters.

Select Edit on the Offer Letter Template that you would like to copy. 

Then click on the Copy to New button.

This will copy the offer letter template and add the text "Copy" to the Name field. You can then completely rename the template simply by replacing the text in the Name field. Make any edits you want to the Offer Letter Body and then select the Save New.

Save hiring managers time by inserting any of the field names listed on the right-hand side of the Offer Letters page into your offer letter template. The field names will populate when you create a new offer letter to send to an applicant. Make sure you enter them exactly as they appear. You can copy and paste them right into the template in order to make sure you've gotten the right formatting.


The following field names are available:

{{ salutation }}
{{ job_title }}
{{ company }}
{{ salary }}
{{ start_date }}
{{ location }}
{{ supervisor }}
{{ expire_date }}

You will have the opportunity to update and modify these fields before sending any individual offer letter.