The Benefits of Job Boards

Out of all the channels on which employers could post open positions, online job boards still produce the most applicants—over half of modern job seekers utilize job boards as part of their career search. Job boards are powerful for employers because they benefit recruiters trying to fill current openings and build a talent pipeline integral for keeping applicant traffic steady. 

Paid vs. Free Job Boards

Some job boards are free to post at no cost. Organic postings are organized by posting date in your chosen job board’s search results or feeds. A job post published today will appear first in a job search conducted today, while a job posted a month ago will be later in the search results or feed. 

Some free boards have premium or sponsored options to ensure posts appear more frequently and earlier in search results. Most sponsored posts have a time limit (30 days, for example), and after that, the post will revert to the unpaid version. Paid or premium boards require you to pay for every posting since these boards often have advanced networks or features. 

Full Job Distribution - Our robust selection of organic and paid job boards helps customers publicize their open positions and attract top talent.

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