You can add your own tracking code to any job posting URL to track an applicant's source. This is a way to help you evaluate the success of your job advertising channels. 

If you purchase a job posting advertisement through your account (via the Online Recruiting Manager located on the Post to Job Boards page), we'll automatically add the tracking code to your job posting URL so you know exactly where your applicants are coming from. If you are managing your job posting advertisement campaign on your own, here are some quick and easy instructions on how to add a tracking code to your job posting URL.

How to Add a Tracking Code to any Job's Unique URL

1. Locate the unique job posting URL on the job posting's dashboard page.

2. Copy the job posting URL and paste it onto the page where you are going to post it.

3. Add "?s= " (without the quotes) to the end of the job posting URL followed by the text you want to use to define your advertising source.

For example, if you are posting your job to, you could add ?s=ohiojobs to the end of your job posting URL. If the job posting URL is, then adding the tracking code to the end would look like this:


Once you've added your tracking code and an applicant applies from the source where you've started using the tracking code, you'll see that source listed on the applicant's profile. See screenshot below for an example.

 You'll also see that new source on your Applicant Sources report on the Applicants page.