You can enable or disable daily/weekly Daily Update and Weekly Hiring Summary email notifications at the job and user level.

Please Note: If the Filter App By Status feature is being utilized this may prevent certain users from receiving the Daily Update notification.

Enable/Disable Daily Update & Weekly Hiring Summary Emails at the Job Level

1. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the job posting title and select Edit Job.

2. Scroll down to the Hiring Manager field and select your name from the drop down list to enable notifications or click the X next to your name to disable notifications.

3. Click on Publish and Continue or Save as Draft.

Note: You will only see new applicant information in the Daily Update / Weekly Hiring Summary notification emails for the jobs you are assigned to as a Hiring Manager.

Enable/Disable Daily Update & Weekly Hiring Summary Emails at the User Level

1. From your applicant tracking system (ATS) dashboard, go to the Menu Icon on the upper right of your screen and select Account Details from the Main Menu. 

2. Click on the Manage Users button.

3. Click on the Pencil next to the User's names whose notification options you want to enable/disable under the Edit column.

4. Locate the Send notifications checkbox. To enable notifications, make sure the checkbox is checked; to disable notifications, make sure the checkbox is unchecked. Notifications that will be impacted by this action include a) Daily Update emails b) Weekly Summary emails and c) email responses from applicants (you'll see them in your account, but you won't receive them in your email client if the box is unchecked).

Sometimes this box will appear unchecked if we get reports from the users email server that the email is bouncing. Even if you KNOW you've checked this box in the past, please double-check its status if you're not getting expected notifications. If you note it's unchecked, you might also want to check if your email server has started automatically rejecting emails from the ATS.