The Embeddable Jobs Widget is a snippet of code that allows you to put the active job postings in your account right onto your company's careers page. If you have the Staffing/Multisite Version of our software, easily toggle to the desired site and copy the relevant widget. If you don't have the Sites Management feature and would like to get it, just create a new support ticket and let us know!


How to Use the Jobs Widget with Clients & Sites

1. Go to Main Menu and select Account Details from the dropdown menu.

2. Click on the Embeddable Jobs Widget icon in the Integrate section.


3. From the dropdown menu under "Show widgets for:", select the desired site. The widgets below will auto-populate for that site. 


Copy/Paste the widget into your website and then you are all set!


NOTE: If you want to add more than one widget to a single page of your website you must use the Forms Widget, which does not respect your website CSS. The Listing Widget will not allow more than one instance of Widget Code to coexist. The Listing Widget will not respect the "Post to Parent" setting either (it's a bit of a diva). 


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