You have two excellent custom form tools at your disposal: Form Builder and an integration with Wufoo Forms. Form Builder allows you to customize your online application form and is available at select plan levels. Wufoo is an online form-building tool, and its integration with your account is available at every plan level. The big question is: when should you use Form Builder vs. Wufoo forms in your account?

Use Form Builder when you want:

  • All applicants to fill out your form. 
  • Applicant responses to your form to show up on the Questions tab of the applicant's profile.
  • To auto-archive applicants based on their response(s) to your form.

Use Wufoo forms when you want:

  • To email your form to a select group of applicants or a single applicant.
  • Applicant responses to your form to show up as a file on the Files tab of the applicant's profile.

Suggested Uses for Both:


Some of our customers like to use Form Builder to create a full employment application form, complete with dates of employment at prior jobs to reference contact info. Once you set up your custom questions in Form Builder, you can copy them to any other job in your account. 

Every account also comes with an Employment Application Form that you can send to applicants via the Send button on the toolbar of the applicant's profile. If you want to use this form to collect employment information from applicants, their completed results will show up on the Files tab of their profile.

Other customers have a custom employment application form or skill assessment forms they want to send out only to applicants that have passed an initial screening process. This is where Wufoo comes in handy. You can set up a Wufoo account, create your custom form(s) and then link your Wufoo account to your account so you can send those custom forms to applicants via the Send button on the toolbar of the applicant's profile.