We get it. As a hiring manager, you might be tired of seeing the same applicant apply to the same position over and over again. That's why we're excited to let you know about this handy feature - the "Allow Duplicate Applicants" toggle switch on the job posting Edit/Create page. This way, you can easily decide whether or not to allow duplicate applications and save yourself some time and energy. We hope this feature makes your job a little bit easier! toggle switch on the job posting Edit/Create page. The power to allow or disallow duplicate applications is now right where it belongs...in your capable hands. 

To turn On or Off the Allow Duplicate Applicants setting on a job posting:

1. Click on the dropdown menu next to the job posting title and select Edit Job 

2. Scroll down and click Show Advanced Options. Find Allow Duplicate Applicants: and click on the On/Off toggle switch (see screenshot below) to either turn on or turn off the Allow Duplicate Applicants setting for that job posting (Off disallows duplicate applications) 

3. Click on the Save and Continue button to save your changes.

It's important to note that duplicate applications are recognized by the applicant's email address. So this will only impact applicants who use the same email to apply; those folks will now be unable to submit more than one application to this job posting. 

When you have the "Allow Duplicate Applicants" feature disabled and an applicant tries to apply for the same job multiple times using the same email address, what do they see? They will receive a friendly notification informing them that they have already applied.

You don't have to worry about making a final decision right away. You can always change your mind and allow duplicate applications for a job if you need to. Plus, you have the option to make a different decision for every job, since this setting is controlled at the job level and not for all jobs in your account.