Storing information about your applicants online in the cloud is cool, but sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned downloaded pdf of an applicant's information. Luckily, downloading a PDF really easy is using Google Chrome (if you're not already using Chrome, we strongly recommend making the switch for maximum compatibility with our website).

To save a PDF of your applicant's info, just follow these quick steps.

How to Download the "Print View" of an Applicant to PDF

We'll start with the instructions. Keep scrolling down for step-by-step screenshots.

1. Open Google Chrome and log in to your account.

2Search for the applicant you want to download and then select Printable View from the select action drop-down menu located underneath the View Applicant button.

3. A printable view of the applicant's resume, cover letter, notes, screening questions, etc., will open up in a new browser tab.

4. To print to a PDF, just click on the Print button on the top right side of the print view page (the one that opened up in a new browser tab).

5. If you have a preferred PDF converter already set up as your printer, just select that and click on Print. Otherwise, click on the drop-down arrow button next to Destination, select See More and select Save as PDF

6. Click Save, then choose a filename and location to save the file and you're done!