We all know the value of our own network and with our Referral Program, you can utilize that network to find your next great hire. 

Create a Referral Program for a Job


1. From your Job Listings Grid, click on the kabob menu next to the job posting title you want to create a Referral Program for and select Referral Program


2. Optional: You can customize the default text that your referral network will see by clicking into the text box in the Customize Your Program section, making your edits, and then clicking on Save Changes.

3. Locate the URL and activate your specialized team! An easy way to share the URL with your team is to copy and paste the URL into an email and send it to anyone who may be able to help you find that next great hire. 

What Happens Next

  • Referral participants can sign up for the program by clicking on the URL you sent them in step 3 above and submitting their name and email address. Here's an example of what a new referral participant will see when they click on the referral URL you send them:

  • Once a participant submits their name and email address, a unique referral URL will be assigned to that participant. The participant will also receive that unique URL by email to make it easier to forward to their own network of potential applicants. Referral participants can also share their URL via their Social Media Networks. Here's an example of what a participant will see after they submit their name and email address:

Here's an example of the email your participant will see after signing up:

  • Your account uses each participant's unique URL to show you their Referral Program activity. This provides you with the ability to monitor and evaluate your results and can help you make decisions about whether to incentivize your Referral Program. To see the latest stats on the number of Referral Program Participants, Referred Visits, and Referred Applicants you have, along with an Activity Report detailing referral activity by the participant, simply click on the job posting title you want to check up on and then click on Referral Program. Below is an example of what kind of reporting you will see once you enroll participants:

  • The referral participant will also be associated and linked with the applicant they referred as a system tag for easy recognition. See an example below:

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Referral Program up and running today!