How to Add Applicants Via the Resume Import Tool

NOTE: The Resume Import tool is a feature that is available to users at the Manager permission level or above. 

Follow these steps to add applicants to a job via the Resume Import tool:

1. From your dashboard, click on the dropdown menu next to the job title you want to import resumes to and select Resume Import from the list.

2. On the Resume Import screen, first select your dedupe import options from the right side of the page.

3. Then, you can upload resumes either by dragging & dropping resume files into the rectangular drop box on the screen OR you can click on the Choose Files button to select resume files. 

The following fields are parsed from an applicant's resume to create the applicant's profile in your account:


NOTE: Resume files must be document files, such as PDF or DOC type files, in order to be properly uploaded. If you are uploading scanned pdf files, you will first need to use OCR (optical character recognition) software on the file so can read it. Many modern scanners have this software already installed. Occasionally, a resume is unable to be parsed if it contains complicated formatting such as headers with column formatting or unusual fonts, etc.

You can customize the "source" recorded for imported resumes by entering it into the Resume Source box.

4. You'll see a "Complete" message in the rectangular drop box when your resume files have been successfully uploaded. You'll also see at the bottom of the page a list of all the files that have been successfully uploaded.

If any of your resume files were unable to be loaded, you'll see a notification on your dashboard that looks like this: 

When you see a resume load error, you can still add that applicant manually and attach the applicant's resume file. Click here for instructions on how to do that. 

Add Applicants Via Email

1. You can also import applicant resumes by emailing resumes to the address listed on the Resume Import page. 

2. We also offer Custom source tracking for email imports. This uses two methods. Change the subject line of the email to: 

a. "Source: <enter the applicant's source>", 


b. "@s=<enter the applicant's source>". 

The applicant's source that you entered will automatically be picked up and assigned.

3. Unique Custom email addresses can be generated for each applicant source allowing you to give each provider an email address to use. On the Resume Import page use the Custom Address tool to create addresses by typing in the unique source name you wish to generate an email address for: