Frequently Asked Questions

What does the number of Active Jobs mean?

An Active Job is a job posting that you are actively hiring for. Active Jobs can be displayed on your HiringThing careers page and posted to job boards. When you've filled an Active Job, you can Archive it so it no longer counts toward your number of Active Jobs but you'll still have access to the job description and applicants who applied to that job.

What job board options are available?

We have a great selection of international, national, local, and specialized job boards available for you to promote your active positions. View a list of our paid job board options.

What does Premium Support include?

Our team of friendly and experienced support specialists are available to provide you with Support Beyond Compareā„¢ by email and the web Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm PST. Our Premium Support, which includes phone support, is available to all paid users. All plans include access to our ever-expanding knowledge base of helpful support articles, tips, and video tutorials.

What is Form Builder?

Form Builder is our unique application customization tool that enables you to save valuable time reviewing applicants by easily adding or copying screening questions and automated screening processes to your job posting. Screening question types include essay, multiple choice, single choice, yes/no, and date questions. 

What is the Resume Import Tool?

Our Resume Import Tool lets you drag and drop or upload resume files from your computer into your HiringThing account where they will be automatically converted into applicant profiles for you. This is handy for companies that have a bunch of archived resumes they want to import and organize in HiringThing or for passive recruiting. Learn more

What is included with Custom Setup and Training?

Whether your company has unique workflow requirements or you just don't have time to train your team of hiring managers on a new tool, our team of expert implementation specialists are available to set up your account exactly the way you want it. We'll even create a custom-recorded new user training video to get your hiring managers up to speed in 30 minutes or less. Contact us for more information or to get your Custom Setup quote today.

Can I make changes to my plan?

Absolutely! We want you to grow with us. We know that every company's hiring needs are different so we've set up our plan options to enable you to change your subscription plan as your hiring needs grow or change. 

Are there any additional costs or fees?

Your automatically recurring monthly or annual subscription fee gives you access to all of the features and functionality described in our plan detail section above. You can purchase additional items like premium job posting advertisements, background checks and/or a custom setup package. The additional items available for purchase are purely optional and are there to provide you with additional tools to hire great employees.

What happens at the end of my free 14-day trial?

We'll send you an email reminder that your trial is about to expire so you'll have plenty of time to select a subscription plan before your trial ends. You can sign up for a subscription plan at any time during your free trial- you don't have to wait if you're ready to choose your plan and get started. When you're ready to select a plan, you can click on the link in your dashboard or go to Plan Options on your Account Details page and choose the plan option that best suits your current recruiting needs.

What features are available during my free 14-day trial?

During your 14-day trial, you can create up to 5 Active Jobs plus you'll have access to basic job boards, Premium Support, Form Builder, Resume Import, Applicant Tagging, Email Templates, and all our core features.