HiringThing has provided integration with BambooHR, an award winning HR Software and HRIS system, designed to help small and medium sized businesses manage their HR management processes. This integration allows you to easily merge applicant data from HiringThing into your BambooHR account. Once you mark applicants as ‘Hired’ in your HiringThing account, you can transfer relevant data into your BambooHR account.

Integrate BambooHR with Your HiringThing Account:

1. Go to the Main Menu and click on Account Details.

2. Click on the Bamboo HR icon within the Integrate section

3.  On the BambooHR integration page, enter your Subdomain. Make sure to click "Save" to complete the integration.

4. Your account will now indicate that your HiringThing and BambooHR accounts have been connected.

Mark an applicant "hired" in HiringThing and transfer the applicant's details to BambooHR:

Now that you have connected your HiringThing and BambooHR accounts, you can transfer a hired applicant's details from your HiringThing account to your BambooHR account without the hassle of extra data entry.

1.  Click on the View Applicant button next to the applicant's name to open the Application Viewer of the person you want to mark as hired.

2. From the Application Viewer, click on the Mark as Hired button.

3.  Once you have marked an applicant as Hired, they will automatically show up in your BambooHR account.

The newly hired applicant’s First and Last Name, Email, and Phone Number as entered in your HiringThing account will appear in your BambooHR account. The applicable Job Title will show up as well (provided there is an exact job title match already existing in your BambooHR account) along with the Hire Date

Tip: If you want that job title to show up in your BambooHR account after you click the Mark as Hired button in your HiringThing account, make sure you've already created the job title in your BambooHR account.