You can now assign categories to your jobs to help candidates find the right jobs that match their interests and skills on your careers page. 

1. Add a list of predefined categories: 

  • Go to Your Account and select Account Details
  • Once on the Account Details page, scroll to the Customize & Design section and click the Careers Page button
  • Scroll down to Job Categories and then type in any category you like and hit enter. Enter as many different categories as needed


2. Assign categories to a job:
  • Go to Edit Job for a job you wish to assign one of your predefined categories to. 
  • On the Edit Job page, in the Category box, click the down arrow and choose a category from the drop-down list.


  • Scroll down and click Save and Continue to save your category assignment.
  • Repeat for all jobs you wish to have a category assignment.

Your applicants will now have the ability to filter jobs by the categories you have assigned - making it easy to find the best fit.