If you have the HRPyramid - HiringThing integration enabled, you can login to your HiringThing account right from within HRPyramid via Single Sign On (SSO). Simply follow these steps to login:

1. Login to your HRPyramid account

2. Click on the H/R Action menu at the left

3. Click on Recruiting under the H/R Action menu

That will log you in to your HiringThing account if you are already setup as a user. 

If you are a brand new user logging in for the first time, the system will automatically create a new user account for you with "read-only" permissions. To get access to your company's job postings, contact your HiringThing account administrator and request access either by having your administrator upgrade your permission level or add you as a hiring manager to any job postings you need access to.