HiringThing now offers an integration with Wonscore from Wonderlic to give you an easier, faster way to hire better employees. Wonscore assesses and ranks potential employees in the areas scientifically proven to predict job performance.

  • Assesses cognitive ability, motivation and personality
  • Make more informed hiring decisions
  • Improve your employee retention
  • Start testing in minutes from any device

Drawing on decades of research, Wonderlic has developed candidate profiles for more than 900 jobs across all major industries. By selecting the job description and attributes that best match your open position, you allow Wonscore to automatically evaluate applicants based on benchmarks that are tailored to the position you’re filling.

1. Go to Your Account/Account Details and scroll down to the Integrate section on the Account Details page. 

2. Click the Wonscore from Wonderlic button and choose the Wonscore profile association job title and description that best matches your open position before you review your candidates. 

3. Once you've picked a profile, applicants that apply for this job will be prompted to complete assessments to gauge their personality, cognitive ability, and motivation. Wonscore results will be visible in the Applicant Viewer.