1) Find the applicant with whom you would like to communicate. For more info on how to search for applicants, click here.

2) Click on the View Applicant button next to the applicant's name.

3) From the Application Viewer menu bar, click on Send.

4) Select Phone call Request from the drop down menu.

  • Fill in the date by clicking on the date field. (You can change the time zone by clicking on the current time zone setting located next to the date field.)
  • Select a start and end time.
  • You can add/edit other users as attendees (check out our support article on Adding/Editing Users for more info).
  • Enter a phone number only if you have a number you want the applicant to call (if you are calling the applicant, you can leave this blank).
  • Make any edits to the Subject field and Message text that you would like to make.

5) When you are done filling out the above, click on the Send button at the bottom of the form. 

What happens next:

  • A calendar invite will be emailed to You as the organizer of the meeting.
  • A calendar invite will be emailed to your Applicant with the following instructions.
  • Recipients can easily add the event to their calendaring tool (Outlook, Hotmail, Google calendar, for example).
  • A note will be added to the Applicant's record in the Application Viewer with a record of the phone interview request.
  • Any applicant response (such as an acceptance of the request or a suggestion for a different time) will be handled through email.